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A Future for Women

Rownak Ara Haque, Shahnaj Parvin, and Shamim Ara Begum represent Pollisree, Oxfam's long-term partner in Bangladesh. Pollisree and Oxfam are working together on a project called Creating Spaces that aims to reduce violence against women and girls and help change the attitudes, behaviors, and systems that perpetuate violence against women and girls. Photo: Abir Abdullah/Oxfam

We're flipping the script on Women's History Month.

This March, instead of looking back to the past, we are looking to the future. Fighting inequality means correcting power imbalances by putting women, girls, and gender-diverse individuals at the center of our work. That's we plan to do as we go forward. Our hope is that by 2030, the future will be more just and equal for women.

We’re asking members of the Oxfam community—and that includes you—what will women's equality look like in 2030?

Emily Eberly/Oxfam

How do you envision #AFuture4Women?

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Women's equality

All month long, we will be celebrating women changemakers, examining the pressing issues that drive inequality, such as conflict and climate change, and challenging our community to get involved to realize a more just and equal world for women in 2030. Come with us as we imagine #AFuture4Women.

International Women's Day

March 8 marks International Women’s Day (IWD), a day that acknowledges the strides women and gender-diverse people have made as a group and the accomplishments of individuals. It is also a moment to pledge to continue pushing for gender justice.

This International Women's Day, we made a Spotify playlist of the global women artists who inspire us.

Emily Eberly/Oxfam

Oxfam's gender justice work

Through our work in more than 90 countries, Oxfam helps women and girls overcome gender discrimination, realize their potential, and assume leadership roles in their communities. When you join us in celebrating women changemakers, you’re playing a vital role in these efforts.

The women and girls changing the world

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Women build a climate nest egg

The effects of the climate crisis in the Solomon Islands are acute, but savings groups can buffer the impact.

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A journey for justice in Central America

How Oxfam’s Sisters on the Planet ambassadors are elevating the voices of people from the region to change US policy and deepen understanding of the migrant experience.

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Lights from heaven

After an earthquake devastated their town, a group of women has taken the lead in reducing future risks. And as they work together on behalf of their neighbors, their own trauma eases.

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