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We believe in the power of people to end the injustice of poverty. All of us—those living in poverty and those who are not—have a role to play.

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Go Behind the Barcodes

Tell Whole Foods to help end the human suffering behind our food. Learn more about the campaign.

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Fight Climate Change

Demand that every 2020 candidate commits to BOLD climate action that protects the world's most vulnerable communities.

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repeal the muslim ban

Tell Congress: #RepealTheBan and support the NO BAN Act

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Gift a goat

Choose from over 50 life-changing gifts and get a free e-card for a friend or a loved one!

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Host an Oxfam Hunger Banquet®

Millions of people are facing extreme hunger. Raise awareness by hosting an interactive Oxfam Hunger Banquet® in your community.

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Lead on campus

Calling all students: You can make a difference in the fight against poverty.

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Pledge to get three friends to vote

You can triple your vote by making sure three friends, family members, or neighbors vote.  Pledge to remind 3 friends to vote and we’ll text you a quick reminder around election day. 

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Organize an event

Get creative to engage your community in the fight against poverty and injustice.

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Be a fundraiser

Create your own fundraising page or join a team of supporters to help save millions from starvation.

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The community in action


Kim Shiu

Kim hosted a meal on her campus using our Eat For Good guide to shopping and eating sustainably. The dinner highlighted how students’ daily food choices can help fight hunger around the world.


Todd Goodwin

Todd has been hosting Oxfam events for his students at the Applewild School for over 35 years. He and his school have even been known to host a Dining Hall fast and an Oxfam Hunger Banquet in the same week!


Jessica Lettween

A longtime supporter, Jessica is leading Bay Area concert outreach, organizing local volunteers, and lobbying her elected officials to change laws on behalf of the world’s poorest. She’s even found ways to get her children involved.


Kevin Bloom

Having learned about Oxfam’s work with women in Darfur as a teen, music artist and studio owner Kevin Bloom supports Oxfam by volunteering at concerts, fundraising online, and has even thrown his own Oxfam Jam benefit show.

How your actions help

Justice for food workers

Tyson committed to improve working conditions for poultry workers after over 100,000 consumers spoke up for workers rights.

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Raising awareness on campus

Over 870 student leaders from more than 350 campuses have participated in Oxfam's CHANGE leadership training.

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The power of people

Hundreds of you have rallied your communities to raise money that helps people overcome poverty around the world.

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Resources for taking action

Looking for some resources to help get you started? We've got you covered with these free toolkits and materials to help you educate your community and take action to end the injustice of poverty.

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