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Together we can change the laws and practices that keep people trapped in poverty. Help raise awareness and inspire action on some of the world's most urgent issues.

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Hunger banquet event in Vermont, U.S.A. Image by Jacob Silberberg/Oxfam America.

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Alex and Romy from the local Tanod (village peacekeepers) assisting the offloading of seeds for distribution to farmeers in Union Baranguy. Photo: Jane Beesley / Oxfam

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Around the clock and around the world, Oxfam is poised to respond to emergencies. With your support, we’re helping people survive catastrophes like hurricanes and earthquakes, and the dangerous upheavals of war.

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Two Oxfam Volunteers. Photo: Oxfam America


Whether in your community, on campus at your college or university, or at a concert, festival, or other event, your actions can help change the world.

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