Research and publications

  1. Annual report

    Annual Report 2022

    With the support of our donor community, and together with our partners, we made real change happen in in 2022.

  1. Oxfam CloseUp magazine

    Oxfam CloseUp, Fall 2022

    See how communities in different regions of Asia are learning to cope with climate change and are implementing solutions that protect their livelihoods and preserve natural resources.

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  1. Impact update

    Where Climate Change Meets Women's Rights

    On the frontlines of the climate crisis, Oxfam sees advancing gender equality and reducing disaster risks as inextricably linked.

  1. Fact sheet

    Public letter in support of incorporating gender into EITI Standard revision process

    Oxfam joins a broad coalition in offering recommendations to the EITI about how to incorporate gender-based analysis

    eiti gender
  1. Brochure

    Reshaping disaster aid

    From wars to climate-related emergencies, paying attention to local voices, leadership, and solutions can be a matter of life and death.

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  1. Book

    Empowered development in poor countries

    The trials and trails of a development aid worker

  1. Blog

    Politics of Poverty blog

    Ideas and analysis from Oxfam America's policy experts

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