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  1. Annual report

    Annual Report 2021

    In a dramatic year marked by a highly charged political campaign, as well as continuing challenges from COVID-19, climate change, and conflict, Oxfam continued its fight against the root causes of poverty and injustice. We have our donors and supporters to thank for partnering with us in this critical mission. When disease, conflict, racism, and unfair policies conspire to create poverty and injustice, together we will work to overcome them.

  1. Oxfam CloseUp magazine

    Oxfam CloseUp, Spring 2022

    In this issue of CloseUp, you'll read about two years of Oxfam's COVID response and the impact this community has had together.

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  1. Impact update

    Restoring livelihoods and regaining security, one project at a time

    Cash assistance from Oxfam enabled these Yemenis to build their small businesses and tackle the instability brought on by seven years of war.

  1. Fact sheet

    Public letter in support of incorporating gender into EITI Standard revision process

    Oxfam joins a broad coalition in offering recommendations to the EITI about how to incorporate gender-based analysis

    eiti gender
  1. Evaluation

    Potential Corporate Tax Avoidance in Zambia’s Mining Sector?

    Estimating Tax Revenue Gains from Addressing Profit Shifting or Revising Profit Allocation Rules: A Case Study of Glencore and Mopani Copper Mines.

  1. Research

    TOSSD Data for 2020: An overview of key trends in the data in support of sustainable development

  1. Briefing paper

    Footing the Bill

    Fair finance for loss and damage in an era of escalating climate impacts

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  1. Brochure

    Reshaping disaster aid

    From wars to climate-related emergencies, paying attention to local voices, leadership, and solutions can be a matter of life and death.

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  1. Book

    Empowered development in poor countries

    The trials and trails of a development aid worker

  1. Blog

    Politics of Poverty blog

    Ideas and analysis from Oxfam America's policy experts

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