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    Transformative and Feminist Leadership for Women's Rights

    The complex threats to women’s rights today, particularly in societies dealing with conflict, poverty, and inequality, requires a critical mass of feminist leaders to lead the way in shifting oppressive power dynamics that keep harmful systems in place.

  2. Research

    The Problem of Underinvestment in Women-Led Small and Growing Businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean: 'The Most Missing of the Missing Middle (M4)'

    Women led businesses continue to suffer from underinvestment due, among other reasons, to gender discrimination, limited ability to attract investments (as a result of their smaller size and location in slow growing sectors of the economy) and insufficient financial services tailored to the needs of women entrepreneurs.

  3. Research

    Tax Battles

    The dangerous global race to the bottom on corporate tax

  4. Research

    Undervalued and underpaid in America

    The deck is stacked against millions of working women

  5. Research

    Women on the line

    A review of workplace gender issues in the US poultry industry

  6. Research

    A growing burden

    Rising homeowners insurance premiums are taking a toll on Louisiana’s coastal communities Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+