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    Different conflict, same crisis

    The vast majority of refugees and asylum seekers are hosted by poorer countries and almost four million have been welcomed by countries which themselves have experienced armed violence or are in conflict.

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    Accountability and ownership

    The role of aid in a post-2015 world

  3. Brief

    Children alone: Pulled from the sea, fallen by the wayside

    Alone, confused and scared. Their rights curbed and hopes crushed. This is the state of far too many children who make it across the Mediterranean to “safety”.

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    Lake Chad's unseen crisis

    In a little known part of the world called the Lake Chad Basin, a violent seven-year conflict originating in Nigeria is causing untold misery and suffering for millions of people.

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    A Poor Welcome from the World’s Wealthy

    The six wealthiest nations host less than nine percent of the world’s refugees while poorer countries shoulder most of the responsibility. The world's richest countries can and should do much more to help the world’s most vulnerable people who have fled their homes because of violence and conflict.

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    The Cost of Living and the Price of Peace: Economic Crisis and Reform in South Sudan

    As South Sudan draws near five years of independence, its people face a crashing economy that is compounding the already devastating effects of ongoing fighting and displacement. Most working South Sudanese are now poorer than they were nearly a decade ago, with many no longer able to afford enough food, water or other basic essentials.

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