1. Briefing paper

    Hitting the Target

    An agenda for aid in times of extreme inequality

  2. Briefing paper

    Hazardous to Your Health

    How the Trump tax cuts to Big Pharma widen inequality and undermine the health of women and girls

  3. Briefing paper

    Ten Years After the Global Food Price Crisis

    Rural women still bear the brunt of poverty and hunger

  4. Briefing paper

    Yemen's shattered food economy and its desperate toll on women

    The Geneva pledging conference must unlock financial and political commitments to meet the dire humanitarian needs, support the withering economy and pave the way for peace.

  5. Briefing paper

    Public good or private wealth?

    Universal health, education and other public services reduce the gap between rich and poor, and between women and men. Fairer taxation of the wealthiest can help pay for them.

  6. Briefing paper

    A Collective Responsibility: Delivering safe, effective and principled humanitarian assistance in South Sudan

    For over five years, South Sudan has been locked in a year-on-year worsening humanitarian crisis due to prolonged conflict. Throughout this time, the humanitarian community has been on the ground, determined to reach the growing number of people in need despite a persistently challenging and dangerous operating environment.

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