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  1. Briefing paper

    Refuge from Debt

    How the global debt crisis fuels forced migration to New York

  2. Briefing paper

    At Work and Under Watch: Federal Policy Recommendations

    As the two largest private employers in the U.S., retail behemoths Amazon and Walmart disproportionately drive poverty and economic inequality in the U.S. Poor working conditions and punitive management systems are embedded in their models of getting cheap goods to the consumer with unprecedented convenience and speed. But fast and easy commerce is built on the backs of millions of workers.

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  3. Briefing paper

    Inequality, Made in America

    How Corporate America is Fueling our Inequality Crisis

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  4. Briefing paper

    Inflicting Unprecedented Suffering and Destruction: Seven ways the government of Israel is deliberately blocking and/or undermining the international humanitarian response in the Gaza Strip

    Over five months into the Israeli mass atrocities on the Gaza Strip, in response to the horrific 7 October 2023 attacks by Palestinian armed groups, a meaningful and safe humanitarian response is made impossible by the government of Israel. In this briefing we outline seven fundamental humanitarian access constraints.

  5. Briefing paper

    Business at an Inhuman Scale

    How America's biggest retailers are driving its economic inequality crisis

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  6. Briefing paper

    Inequality Inc.

    How corporate power divides our world and the need for a new era of public action

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