1. Briefing paper

    Meaningful rights holder engagement: An introduction

    After more than a decade of engaging rights holders and working with affected communities, Oxfam has developed a clear understanding of what engagement should look like. This document presents the key principles that companies should integrate into their thinking and practices.

    rights holder cover
  2. Briefing paper

    Are G20 Countries Doing Their Fair Share of Global Climate Mitigation?

    Comparing ambition and fair shares assessments of G20 countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

  3. Briefing paper

    Achieving Agenda 2030: Trends in the allocation of TOSSD resources towards leaving no one behind, A review of 2021 TOSSD data for the Sustainable Development Goals

    The Total Official Support for Sustainable Development (TOSSD) statistical framework “is designed to provide a coherent, comparable and unified system for tracking resources for sustainable development that can inform strategic planning, identify emerging gaps and priorities, and assess progress in matching supply with needs.” In a dramatically changing financing landscape, TOSSD is intended to deliver greater transparency in the financing of sustainable development, including both concessional and non-concessional official resources as well as mobilized private flows that are reported separately, from a broad scope of providers, north and south. The framework requires data on the specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets “that the activity directly and significantly contributes to,” where “no substantial detrimental effect is anticipated on one or more of the other targets.” In March 2023, the TOSSD Task Force released the 2021 data at the activity level, which had been reported by 105 providers. ActionAid Italy, Oxfam International, and AidWatch Canada have analyzed these data and the apparent trends in TOSSD allocations in a series of five Briefing Papers.

    This second Briefing Paper looks in depth at patterns in the allocation of 2021 TOSSD resources towards the SDGs. It can be read as a stand-alone report, but the reader will benefit from reviewing the first Briefing Paper (see for background on overall trends in the TOSSD data since 2019.

  4. Briefing paper

    UNFAIR SHARE: Unequal climate finance to East Africa's hunger crisis

    The stark reality of climate change has highlighted the financial obligations rich polluting nations, especially in the global North, owe communities and countries most impacted and now unprepared to deal with the unavoidable cost of the climate crisis. East Africa is one of the world’s worst hit regions by climate change and is now experiencing its worst climate-induced extreme weather, fueling an alarming hunger crisis, despite contributing almost nothing to global carbon emissions.

    Unfair Share
  5. Briefing paper

    Best States to Work Index 2023: Policy recommendations

    The 2023 edition of the BSWI underscores the need for stronger federal policies on wages, worker protections, and rights to organize.

    BSWI policy brief
  6. Briefing paper

    Technology transfer as a U.S. foreign policy priority

    Supporting diversified global South local manufacturing is a strategy to improve sustainable, equitable supply of lifesaving medical tools.

    issue brief tech transfer
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