1. Briefing paper

    Footing the Bill

    Fair finance for loss and damage in an era of escalating climate impacts

    Footing the Bill cover 2
  2. Briefing paper

    Profiting from Pain

    The urgency of taxing the rich amid a surge in billionaire wealth and a global cost-of-living crisis

  3. Briefing paper

    Dangerous Delay 2: The Cost of Inaction

    One person is likely dying of hunger every 48 seconds in drought-ravaged Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, according to estimates by Oxfam and Save the Children in a report published today, “Dangerous Delay 2: The Cost of Inaction,” highlighting the world’s repeated failure to stave off preventable disasters.

    Dangerous Delay 2
  4. Briefing paper

    Tax the rich. Build a better world.

    Not long ago, the ultra-wealthy paid much more in taxes. Today, the top .01% and giant corporations have rigged the rules so drastically that some billionaires end up paying zero percent. Nothing. Instead, working families are bearing more than their fair share of the tax burden—at a time when record inflation is steadily eating away at wages. It’s way past time to flip the script. What’s stopping us?

  5. Briefing paper

    First Crisis Then Catastrophe

    Unless G20 leaders, the IMF and the World Bank act immediately, crises of inflation, inequality and COVID-19 could push over a quarter of a billion more people into extreme poverty in 2022.

  6. Briefing paper

    Ukraine crisis: How and why it could cause hunger crises globally to worsen

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