1. Briefing paper

    Pandemic Profiteers Exposed

    A COVID-19 Pandemic Profits Tax as one essential tool to reverse inequalities and rebuild better post-pandemic

  2. Briefing paper

    The Hunger Virus: How COVID-19 Is Fueling Hunger In A Hungry World

  3. Briefing paper

    Government Revenues From Coral Flng

    Mozambique’s rich natural gas reserves in the Rovuma basin have been seen as a potential game-changer for Mozambique, providing it with critical revenues that the country could invest in sustainable economic and human development.

  4. Briefing paper

    Exposed: How US supermarkets are failing their workers in a global pandemic

  5. Briefing paper

    For communities already in crisis, a drop in remittances during COVID-19 can mean life or death

  6. Briefing paper

    Violence and impunity in the West Bank during the COVID-19 pandemic

    The failure of Israeli authorities to prevent settler violence against Palestinians, and its contribution to de facto annexation of Palestinian land

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