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    A decade of Saving for Change

    Oxfam launched Saving for Change in 2005. It’s an innovative community-based program that trains groups of mostly women in rural villages to save regularly, borrow from their group’s fund, and repay loans with interest.

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    Women in Small Enterprise Semi-Annual Report: July – December 2015

    Countless women around the world are building successful small businesses. But the odds against women entrepreneurs in many developing countries can be staggering. Often, they face limited access to credit and property, household obligations that consume their waking hours, and cultural standards that discriminate against them. Oxfam’s Women in Small Enterprise (WISE) celebrates those women who have defied the odds and creates partnerships that ease their path to further growth

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    Our rights, our resources

    Defending the rights of communities affected by oil, gas, and mining

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    Working with women

    Investments in women and girls pay handsome returns—for everyone.

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    Women in Small Enterprise Semi-Annual Report: January-June 2015

    The period from January - June 2015 has been a time of intense learning for the WISE team. We have adjusted our strategy in ways that will enhance social outcomes and financial performance.

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    Oxfam at a glance: The Oxfam America Hunger Banquet®

    After 40 years, this interactive and memorable event is still going strong. Here’s how a volunteer-led effort is changing hundreds of thousands of lives.

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