Senior leadership

Oxfam America’s senior staff members bring a wide range of experience and deep knowledge of economic and political development, social movements and popular campaigns, and organizational growth and management to the agency.

  1. Abby Maxman

    President & CEO, Oxfam America

    “My career has led me to work in some of the most challenging parts of the world, seeing first-hand the impact of poverty, injustice, war and disasters and I’ve always been impressed by Oxfam’s commitment to facing tough challenges with high impact solutions. Today, the fight against inequality is more relevant than ever; I am honored to lead the Oxfam team through this next chapter.”

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  2. Cindy Cronan

    Chief Financial Officer

    "I am inspired by the team at Oxfam and their deep commitment to fighting inequality and eliminating poverty and injustice in the world."

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  3. Gina Crista Cummings

    Vice President of Advocacy, Alliances & Policy

    “Oxfam’s focus on building power and bringing the voices of marginalized communities into the political debate is what draws me here. Being able to engage with the experiences, challenges, and hopes of communities—globally and domestically—that have been impacted by the injustices of poverty is a gift. The work is hard, yet the impact can be significant.”

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  4. Patricia Hylton

    Vice President of People, Culture & Global Human Resources (Interim)

    “I am honored and humbled to be part of an organization actively engaged in mitigating life altering events on a global scale that negatively impact people on a human and local level. Having lived the experiences that we are focused on improving around the world, I am inspired by the passionate people of Oxfam and proud to contribute to our fight against injustice.”

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  5. Thomas Kurmann

    Vice President of Resource Development

    “With nearly one-third of the global population living in poverty, I am proud and honored to serve Oxfam’s mission to end the injustice of poverty by addressing its root causes and the immediate humanitarian needs locally. Inspiring people to join our fight for systemic change and support our journey is my passion.”

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  6. Dr. Tawanda Mutasah

    Vice President of Global Partnerships & Impact

    “Across the world, I have seen with my own eyes the power of solidarity, opportunity, and protection of individuals and communities against vulnerability. I joined Oxfam America precisely because the struggle for justice and inclusion for all––and against the indignity of poverty––is even more urgent today, and my own sensibilities will always bestride the highways I have traversed as a man and the rough streets that reared me as a boy.”

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  7. Alissa Rooney

    Vice President of Public Engagement

    “Oxfam’s mission is bold—to fight inequality to end the injustice of poverty. What inspires me every day is that Oxfam isn’t afraid to take on the world’s most complex problems, breaking them down and working to create solutions piece by piece. Communicating all of that to the public, alongside such a committed team, is a true privilege.”

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  8. Grace Strome

    Chief of Staff

    “In a world as rich as ours, no one should be living in poverty. I’m honored to be working with a team of smart, mission-driven people not afraid of asking hard questions to solve the big problems facing our world today.”

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  9. Ashley Tsongas

    Chief of Strategy & Systems

    "Oxfam believes that poverty is usually, at its root, about imbalances of power, that change is possible, and that solutions require good ideas, courage and persistence. It works. There is no better feeling than getting momentum going behind brave people with good ideas and seeing change unfold.”

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