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    Public letter in support of incorporating gender into EITI Standard revision process

    Oxfam joins a broad coalition in offering recommendations to the EITI about how to incorporate gender-based analysis

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    Oxfam America 2030 Strategy Framework

    We are at a critical juncture: more is at stake and more is possible than previously imagined. As Oxfam moves toward 2030, we are guided by a strategic framework that leverages the best of our resources. In the decade ahead, Oxfam will collaborate and innovate on a global scale, radically shifting resources and power to people experiencing marginalization.

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    Oxfam America

    Learn more about Oxfam’s work to right the wrong of poverty and your crucial role in helping people living in poverty to change their lives.

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    Hunger and famine crises

    Man-made crises and severe drought have pushed countless families to the brink of starvation, but fast action now can save lives.

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    Where's all the money?

    Developing countries are producing trillions of dollars in oil and minerals each year, generating massive revenues that could help build schools, hospitals, and roads.

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    Nepal Earthquakes

    The powerful earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May 2015 took thousands of lives and reduced entire communities to rubble.

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