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  1. Oxfam CloseUp magazine

    Oxfam CloseUp, Fall 2023

    This issue is packed with stories from powerful women, including Hawo Are, a community health volunteer in a camp for internally displaced people in Qulogi, in the Somali Region of Ethiopia, who is featured in our cover story.

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  2. Oxfam CloseUp magazine

    Oxfam Closeup, Spring 2023

    This issue of CloseUp focuses on the humanitarian emergencies Oxfam is responding to around the world, including the war in Ukraine, earthquake in Türkiye and Syria, and ongoing drought in East Africa.

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  3. Oxfam CloseUp magazine

    Oxfam CloseUp, Fall 2022

    See how communities in different regions of Asia are learning to cope with climate change and are implementing solutions that protect their livelihoods and preserve natural resources.

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  4. Oxfam CloseUp magazine

    Oxfam CloseUp, Spring 2022

    In this issue of CloseUp, you'll read about two years of Oxfam's COVID response and the impact this community has had together.

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  5. Oxfam CloseUp magazine

    Oxfam Closeup, Fall 2021

    In this issue of CloseUp, read about how the pandemic is transforming paid and unpaid care work, a program in Cambodia that's successfully challenging gender norms, and our continued response to humanitarian emergencies around the world.

  6. Oxfam CloseUp magazine

    Oxfam CloseUp Spring 2021

    More than a year into the pandemic, Oxfam has reached more than 14 million people with lifesaving assistance while advocating for better policies that can reduce the disproportionate impact of the crisis on essential workers, women, and people of color.

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