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  1. Impact update

    The Animation Model: fostering more inclusive and accountable extractive industries in Tanzania

    This case study sheds light on the animator model and its successes in galvanizing communities to hold powerbrokers accountable to managing natural resource revenues to address community needs and respond to their priorities.

  2. Impact update

    Tax for Development: Budget Accountability and Oil Development in Uganda

    Participatory Budget Clubs monitor the delivery of health and education services to communities, working with local government to address problems in staffing and infrastructure and holding officials accountable for resource allocation and spending.

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  3. Impact update

    Oil for Development Uganda: Holding the Oil Industry to Account

    Community monitors along the EACOP pipeline are holding big oil to account by documenting human rights violations and helping communities navigate the intricacies of the extractives sector.

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  4. Impact update

    Twice displaced but spirit unbroken

    Syrian refugee Buthayna Elfaris shares her experience working as an interpreter as part of Oxfam KEDV’s emergency response following earthquakes in Türkiye.

  5. Impact update


    To improve the health of her family, a young mother in a refugee camp builds her own toilet.

  6. Impact update

    Where Climate Change Meets Women's Rights

    On the frontlines of the climate crisis, Oxfam sees advancing gender equality and reducing disaster risks as inextricably linked.

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