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  1. Impact update

    South Sudan: Working to resolve conflict and humanitarian crises

    Amid threats of pandemic, severe hunger, and floods, Oxfam and partners continue to assist the South Sudanese people and advocate for peace.

  2. Impact update

    Helping the most vulnerable survive COVID-19 in India

    Oxfam is building on its work over the past year to help the poorest and most at-risk people survive the second wave of coronavirus in 2021.

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  3. Impact update

    Responding to an emergency -- in an emergency

    When you're in a pandemic, what do you do when another crisis hits? Oxfam partners with local experts for the fastest and most efficient ways to help people.

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  4. Impact update

    "It gives me hope and joy"

    Organic pesticides and fertilizers are helping farmers in El Salvador endure persistent drought.

  5. Impact update

    Serving the most vulnerable in the COVID-19 pandemic

    Oxfam’s work with refugees and displaced people is designed to reduce vulnerabilities and save lives.

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  6. Impact update

    Oxfam Impact January 2020

    As climate change intensifies cyclones in the Philippines, an Oxfam partner is helping local fisherfolk revive a forest that is protecting their lives and livelihoods.

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