What We Believe

Photo: Aurelie Marrier D'Unienville /Oxfam

We believe in equality.

That’s it. Plain and simple.

Not the everyone-gets-the-same-slice-of-pie kind of equal, but the let’s-share-the-recipe-so-there’s-enough-for-everyone kind of equal.

We want:

Equal treatment free from discrimination
Equal rights under the law
Equal opportunities to build a life and thrive
For everyone.

For far too long, we’ve let a privileged few determine how the rest of us live. Poverty and injustice are the consequences, the result of human action and inaction. But if together we refuse to accept an unequal world, and hold decision makers accountable, a radically better world is within our grasp.

That better world is
clean water
good food
a safe home
a fair wage
a livable planet
for everyone.

That is the power of an equal future full of potential. Full of hope.

So let’s not be quiet. Let’s see the world as it is, look it squarely in the eye, and demand we do better. Because when people have power over their own lives, everyone benefits—not just the few. That’s not just a powerful idea—that’s a future worth fighting for.

The story of our future starts with you.
The future is now.
The future is equal.