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Humanitarian Response

We offer lifesaving support to people in crisis.

Effective humanitarian action requires a deep understanding of culture, geography, language, and power. As the climate crisis and conflict force record numbers of people from their homes—putting lives and livelihoods at risk—local organizations are often the best-positioned “first responders” to save lives and build their communities’ resilience to future catastrophes.

With your help, Oxfam advocates for the dignity of people in crisis, partnering with a global network of local organizations to deliver clean water, food, cash, and information to communities in need. We challenge harmful legacies of colonialism, shifting power from international organizations like Oxfam to leaders rooted in local know-how. We invest in our local partners, promoting their leadership and boosting their technical skills to help them respond to emergencies as well as reduce suffering, risks, and losses by preparing vulnerable communities before disasters strike.

We treat the movement of people as a right, not a crisis. In the long-term, we address the root causes that force people from their homes. We call for policy change that protects immigrants and refugees in the US, including supporting a path to citizenship for undocumented people, more humane policies at the US-Mexico border, and economic and workplace protections. And we bring leaders from communities around the world to Washington, DC, to ensure their priorities drive US government action to strengthen funding for local humanitarian action.

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World hunger and famine

The global struggle to end world hunger is central to Oxfam’s mission to fight inequality and the founding cause of our creation in the 1940s. Learn how you can help offer lifesaving support in times of crisis to fight hunger right now, delivering food to communities around the world made vulnerable by climate change, gender-based violence, exploitation, illness, and war.


Local humanitarian leadership

Oxfam is working with local and national organizations to chart a new course for humanitarian action around the world: shifting resources into the hands of local humanitarian leaders. The potential of local organizations has long been underestimated—a legacy of a global humanitarian system that was created by the former colonial powers. Now, Oxfam and allied organizations are finding ways to promote the leadership of domestic responders while providing technical support and training according to their needs.


Refugee and immigrant rights

We treat the movement of people as a right, not a crisis. We support local peacebuilders and advocate to end protracted conflicts, especially when the US government plays a role in fueling violence. We also call for policy change that protects immigrants and refugees.

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