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In honor of World Refugee Day on Sunday, June 20, your gift now can double to help families seeking safety, and create a more equal future.

You have the power to make a difference.

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Match Challenge: Your gift doubles to help refugee families with soap, water, and more.

Match Challenge: Your gift doubles to help refugee families with soap, water, and more.


  1. Research

    Funding the Frontline: How an Oxfam Emergency Response Fund facilitated local humanitarian action

    From 2014 to 2020 Oxfam embedded an Emergency Response Fund (ERF) in its multiyear disaster risk reduction programs in Asia-Pacific and Central America. The Oxfam ERF was designed as a flexible funding mechanism to prioritize small-scale, under-the-radar, and forgotten emergencies and help local actors respond to and mitigate the impacts of disasters in their communities. ERF grants totaling US$1.9 million were disbursed and supported 24 small-scale responses led by 15 local organizations in nine countries. The ERF, through the support of a donor who values local leadership, helped local actors shape humanitarian responses, and the simplicity of fund administration unlocked creativity and delivered speed without compromising the quality and accountability of humanitarian aid.

  2. Research

    Copper for Development Report

    The mining sector remains the bedrock of Zambia’s economy. It contributes significantly to GDP and has been the fastest growing sector in the economy. Nevertheless, Zambia’s reliance on copper mining has often been cited as a contributing factor to its fragile economy owing to shocks in global copper prices that often have resultant effects on economic variables such as the exchange rate, inflation, and interest rates, among others. This is evidenced by economic shocks that the country has experienced in the wake of the
    COVID-19 pandemic prior to which the economy faced turbulent times due to its debt servicing obligations and other considerations.

    This report provides analysis of mining revenue management in Zambia and recommends several measures that might allow the country to benefit from its mineral resources.

  3. Research

    Total Official Support for Sustainable Development (TOSSD): Game changer or mirage?

    Total Official Support for Sustainable Development, or TOSSD is a new statistical metric that has been in the making for almost 10 years. It is meant to capture a broad range of global flows of public money in support of sustainable development. These include aid, loans on non-concessional terms, and public funds aimed at mobilising private finance for development.

    Metrics matter. It is essential to track the resources that the international community is allocating to turn the ambitions of Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into reality. Without such data, it is impossible to determine whether there is progress.

    ActionAid, AidWatch Canada and Oxfam International are publishing this discussion paper to shed light on how TOSSD works in practice as well as on its ambitions, shortcomings and the contending political perspectives on this new metric. The paper emphasizes that TOSSD could significantly shape the future of development finance.

  4. Research

    Poll of voters on COVID-19 relief package, February 2021

    Poll finds substantial majority of voters in four states want the federal government to do more to help people struggling to cope with impact of COVID-19

    poll results.jpg
  5. Research

    Voters Overwhelmingly Support a People’s Vaccine and Bold Coronavirus Relief for Working Families

    As part of a January 2021 survey, Data for Progress and Oxfam America asked 1,140 likely voters nationally about their attitudes towards coronavirus relief broadly and, more specifically, how vaccines should be distributed and what should or should not be included in any additional coronavirus relief legislation.

    Our results make clear that voters strongly support actions by President Biden and Congress to help people deal with and recover from the coronavirus pandemic, regardless of nationality or wealth. This would be accomplished by, in part, ensuring the coronavirus vaccine is distributed fairly and made available free of charge, requiring pharmaceutical companies giving up their monopoly control over vaccines, and enacting a transformational coronavirus recovery plan that focuses on helping working families rather than protecting profitable corporations.

    Memo Cover Data for Progress
  6. Research

    Best and Worst States to Work in America - 2020

    Each year, the Best States to Work Index ranks the US states on compensation and conditions for workers.

    BSWI 2020 report cover.jpg
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