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Be an Artist for Oxfam


Authors, poets, musicians, sculptors, and countless other artists share a long tradition of supporting Oxfam’s work through their art. This support has helped to amplify awareness of Oxfam’s campaigns and programs, and has driven new support for our lifesaving work.

Are you an artist interested in joining this remarkable tradition and working with Oxfam to fight inequality to end poverty and injustice? What follows are a number of creative ways to get started. We are grateful for your support!

Featured artist: Woodturner, Eric Reeves

After visiting the region, English Professor Eric Reeves devoted himself to researching and analyzing the complex situation in Sudan. In addition to advocating on behalf of Sudanese people and raising public awareness about the human impact of violent conflict, Eric supports Oxfam’s humanitarian efforts through the sale of his unique woodturnings. Through his craftsmanship and tireless advocacy, Eric is working toward a more just and peaceful Sudan.

Musicians, Poets, & Spoken Word Artists

Perform online

StageIt is an online platform that allows performers to create live-streaming events and charge viewers to join, and artists can in turn donate proceeds to Oxfam. This platform also allows viewers to interact with the artists and is an exciting way to create an intimate and personal event without the artist having to leave their studio--or even their living room!

Throw an Oxfam Jam

Looking for a fun and creative way to join the fight against poverty? Host an Oxfam Jam fundraising event and spotlight local artists while making a global impact.

Poets & spoken word artists

Organize an Oxfam Slam

As far as spoken word events go, there’s nothing as exciting as a good poetry slam. Why not organize a slam, reading, or open-mic night to benefit Oxfam? Check out our personal fundraising event organizing pages to help you promote, sell tickets, and get proceeds to Oxfam easily and quickly.

Visual artists, designers, and artisans

Gallery night for Oxfam

Consider putting together a showing of your work or the work of your own community of artists to benefit Oxfam. Donations can be generated by charging admission at the door, by earmarking sales of pieces as benefit items, or by having an auction at the end of the evening of some or all of the collection to benefit Oxfam's work.

eBay auction

Did you know you can sell your art on eBay and have proceeds remitted directly to Oxfam America? All it takes is an eBay seller’s account, and you can select Oxfam as your beneficiary for any or all of your auctions.

Etsy for Oxfam​

It’s no secret that smart consumers prefer that their purchases benefit good causes, and in the craft world that adage is even more true. If you sell your crafts on a site like Etsy, consider earmarking a percentage of your sale for Oxfam and let possible buyers know in your item description.

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