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Eat for Good Recipes - Vegan Ceviche

Photo: Alejandra Schrader

A few simple changes to the way you cook can reduce wasted water and energy. This Peruvian-style, vegan ceviche with heart of palm from chef and Sister on the Planet Alejandra Schrader doesn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen—or electricity.

Recipe contributed by Chef and Oxfam Sisters on the Planet Ambassador Alejandra Schrader

  • 4 limes, freshly squeezed
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 small brown onion
  • 2 large celery stalks, halved
  • Cilantro stems from 1 bunch
  • 1 ají limo, whole
  • 2 tsp kosher sea salt
  • 2 ice cubes
  • 24 oz. heart of palm, drained and sliced at 1/4”
  • 1/2 cup celery, minced
  • 1 ají limo, minced
  • 1/2 cup cilantro, finely chopped
  • 1 large sweet potato, boiled, peeled, and sliced
  • 1 cup choclo corn, cooked and drained
  • 3/4 cup red onions, thinly sliced
  • Cilantro leaves and thinly sliced ají limo for garnish
Vegan “Leche de Tigre” (Marinade): Blend lime juice, garlic, brown onion, celery stalks, cilantro stems, 1 ají limo, salt, and ice cubes in a Vitamix or high-powered blender. Use a mesh-strainer to drain and press solids down to extract as much liquid as possible. Save the Leche de Tigre in the refrigerator for up to a day.
Mix hearts of palm, minced celery, and ají limo. Place in deep, narrow container and add the Leche de Tigre, covering the hearts of palm mixture as much as possible. Marinate for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator. Transfer mixture to bowl, add chopped cilantro, and toss until well mixed. 
Serve ceviche on a plate along with sweet potato slices and choclo corn. Top with red onions and garnish with cilantro leaves and ají limo slices. 
Chef’s Notes: I prefer to use the meristems of the heart of palm, which have firmer texture and hold together better than the traditional product. You may also use the traditional hearts of palm. If you can’t find ají limo, you may substitute with jalapeños or Serrano peppers. 
Recipe courtesy of Alejandra Schrader. More recipes and information available at @chefaleschrader and 
COOK SMART: This ceviche doesn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen—or electricity. You don’t need an oven or stove to prepare this dish. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+