Eat for Good

Oxfam’s guide to shopping and eating sustainably.

Did you know that fighting hunger and saving the planet can start right at your kitchen table? Our consumer decisions are powerful. Changes in how we buy, cook, and eat can make a big difference, for people all over the world. Try these five simple tips next time you go grocery shopping or cook a meal.


Save food

It’s time to take a closer look at the amount of food we throw away. By planning our meals, buying only what we need from the store, and saving our leftovers, we can reduce food waste and conserve resources so that everyone has enough to eat today and tomorrow. Check out this recipe for Moutabel from Oxfam’s Refugee Campaigns Advisor Isra Chaker, which can be made with the last of the season’s eggplant.

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Shop seasonal

When you buy fresh food that’s in season today, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which helps protect everyone’s food supply for tomorrow. A lot of energy is wasted growing food in the wrong place or at the wrong time of year. Find out what grows seasonally near you and then make the smartest choices for your location and budget. The great thing about this winter salad is that you can use any seasonal veggies in it—have fun creating your own combinations of roasted veggies.

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Eat less meat

Growing vegetables or beans uses far less water and land than raising animals, and reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Change the menu by making a vegetarian meal for yourself or your family at least once a week. This simple but delicious vinaigrette contributed by Sylvan Esso goes well on any type of salad.

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Support farmers and food producers

Only a small percentage of what we spend on food actually reaches the people who farm and produce it. To help, look for products, brands and restaurants that ensure small-scale farmers and workers get a fair deal. This melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake from Emily Robinson’s mother is made even sweeter by using ethically-sourced chocolate.

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Cook smart

A few simple changes to the way you cook can reduce wasted water and energy. Try covering your pan with a lid, reducing the heat as soon as the water starts to boil, and unplugging your kitchen appliances when not in use. This vegan ceviche from chef and Sister on the Planet Alejandra Schrader doesn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen—or electricity.

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