Oxfam Gifts Catalog Offers Unique Holiday Gifts That Give Back

By Oxfam

Minnie Driver, Oxfam celebrity ambassador, highlights gift to help end violence against women.

This holiday season, global relief and development organization, Oxfam America, is offering shoppers a unique opportunity to give meaningful gifts that will help families and communities living in poverty. Across the world, more than 3 billion people—nearly half of the world’s population—live off of just $2.50 a day.

Oxfam’s symbolic gift-giving catalogue features a list of charitable gifts that provide safe drinking water, life-sustaining crops, or education opportunities for children. For the second year, Oxfam is offering a $50 gift to support a refugee fleeing conflict. Popular gifts include a $50 goat, $20 building tools, $18 pair of chickens and limited edition holiday peace cards.

“I've been an Oxfam supporter for more than 18 years. When I visited Cambodia and Thailand with Oxfam, I saw firsthand how gifts like these ones can truly change people’s lives,” said Minnie Driver, actor and Oxfam America celebrity ambassador. “This year, you can give a gift that is especially close to my heart by helping end violence against women. This gift uses the power of creativity to teach students how to recognize and prevent violence against women in their communities.”

Oxfam Gifts (available online at oxfamgifts.com) offers items that symbolically represent the organization’s lifesaving work. Each purchase is a contribution toward Oxfam’s many programs that help people living in poverty throughout the world. Last year, 25 million people were direct beneficiaries of Oxfam programs, from emergency response aid following the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, to the over 650,000 villagers who now have access to savings and loans opportunities thanks to Oxfam’s efforts.

The online catalog allows shoppers to personalize their card and have it mailed directly to the recipient. Last minute shoppers are also able to print from home. Shoppers receive a gift receipt for the tax-deductible donation as well as the joy of giving a gift that gives back.

“The Oxfam Gifts catalog allows you to give a meaningful gift to your friends and family while giving back to communities,” said Shelley Goode, Vice President for Resource Development at Oxfam America. “By giving something as simple as a set of building tools, you can help a family rebuild in the wake of disaster; the gift of a water pump can help a community during times of drought or emergency. These gifts are a chance to feel and spread the joy of making a better world for someone in need.”

Oxfam Gifts has been helping those in need during the holidays since 2005. In over ten years, it has raised approximately $140 million for families and communities in-need worldwide.

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