In response to the House vote passing key amendments to end US support for the war in Yemen in the National Defense Authorization Act, Oxfam America’s Senior Advisor Michael Helms said:​

By Oxfam

“We applaud the House, with leadership from Congressman Malinowski, Chairman Smith, Chairman McGovern, and Chairman Engel for adopting crucial amendments in the FY2020 National Defense Authorization Act that will suspend US arms sales, and other support, to the Saudi and UAE-led coalition. US weapons have directly taken the lives of Yemeni children, and today the House voted on behalf of the safety and futures of Yemeni families. This is an important victory on the path to ending US support, and it once again shows the American people and Congress will not stand by and fuel this deadly crisis. Today the House has sent yet another unequivocal message to all parties that the only solution to the conflict is through a political settlement and sustainable, inclusive peace.

“Over the past several years, increasing bipartisan majorities in Congress have pushed back against the US’ unwavering support for the Saudi Arabia-UAE coalition’s role in fueling the war in Yemen. For years, Oxfam and a growing coalition have consistently called on the US government to stop the flow of arms to the war in Yemen, which has legitimized, prolonged, and deepened the conflict. Among the amendments passed was a one-year ban on the sale and transfer of air-to-ground munitions – bombs that have destroyed civilian infrastructure and the economy in Yemen and have helped push nearly 14 million people in Yemen to the brink of famine.

“Oxfam now looks to Senate and House conferees and leadership from both parties to ensure all these amendments, especially the arms ban, remain in the final version of the bill.”

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