A People’s Vaccine: The fastest way to end the COVID-19 pandemic


What is the People’s Vaccine, why we need it now, and what you can do to make it happen.

What is a People’s Vaccine?

A People’s Vaccine is an essential means to end the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a vaccine that is mass-produced, fairly distributed, and made available to every individual, rich and poor alike. A People’s Vaccine can unlock the production of billions more doses in the shortest amount of time and ensure access for everyone, everywhere across the globe.

Tell President Biden: We need a People’s Vaccine now

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Why do we need a People’s Vaccine right now?

Because COVID anywhere is COVID everywhere. We can’t end the pandemic or rebuild the economy without a vaccine that is free, fair, and available to all. Ensuring that everyone has access to the vaccine is not only the right thing to do, it’s in everyone’s best interest.

Corporations that have developed coronavirus vaccines simply cannot produce the necessary doses for everyone on the planet, especially with new mutations emerging in hotspots around the world. There’s been a mad dash to grab whatever doses are available, leaving the rest of the world—especially the poorest—fighting for the crumbs. The spread of variants that are more easily transmissible and potentially more deadly make the need for more vaccine doses even more pressing. We need to act now to vaccinate as many people as possible.

A People’s Vaccine would eliminate monopoly control by drug companies and make it possible for factories anywhere to start manufacturing vaccines. We need all vaccines to be a People’s Vaccine so we can save lives and end the pandemic faster.

What you can do to make it happen

Tell President Biden: We need a People’s Vaccine.

Sign our petition to President Biden demanding a People’s Vaccine that prioritizes those most at risk, prevents monopoly control by drug companies and mobilizes large-scale production, and is fairly and equitably distributed around the world.

Vaccines will work only if they are accessible to everyone, everywhere, as soon as possible.

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