Oxfam responds to monsoon flooding in India, Nepal and Bangladesh

Photo: BWSN

Even as Tropical Storm Harvey still barrels across the Gulf Coast, millions more in South Asia are facing similar dangers and challenges.

Across Bangladesh, India and Nepal 1,200 people have died and 43 million people have been hit by the monsoon rains and heavy flooding that in some places is the worst in nearly 30 years. Two-thirds of Bangladesh is now under water. Families have lost their homes and crops, and the number of casualties is likely to increase over the coming days. In Nepal, one region received one month’s worth of rain in just two days - the flooding it caused spread downstream into India and Bangladesh, worsening the situation there.

While some flooding is expected during monsoon season, this level is unheard of for most of the communities hit. The flooding has cut off thousands of villages depriving people of food and clean water for days.

Oxfam is providing more than 186,000 flood-hit people with clean drinking water, food supplies, emergency shelter, hygiene kits, and other essentials. As the crisis continues, we will work to support more people and help them recover. 

Oxfam is working with flood-hit communities and local partners. Paolo Lubrano, Oxfam’s Regional Humanitarian Manager for Asia, said: “We have been building the capacity of people to cope with and recover from disaster, and to prevent these crises in future. This will only be possible if international agencies work with local people and put them at the center of the response.”

As we see in disasters around the world and here in the US, local leaders and organizations are at the forefront of the response, with passion for the people in their communities caught in crisis and an understanding of the realities on the ground. These individuals and groups should be considered equal partners in the greater relief efforts to save lives and help communities recover, rebuild, and prepare for future disasters. 

Oxfam is helping people with clean water, food supplies, emergency shelter, and hygiene kits. Help us reach more people and help communities survive and rebuild.

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