Oxfam aid worker blogs from Haiti

Oxfam’s Coco McCabe interviews quake survivors in Haiti. Photo: Kenny Rae / Oxfam America. Photo: Kenny Rae / Oxfam America.

“It’s been one week since a massive earthquake flattened a good portion of Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital where about two million people live. Coming over the crest of Mourne Cabrit–Creole for mountain of the goats–we spy the city in the distance, lost in haze at the end of a broad plain. From that height, all looks still below. The road is well-paved, snaking up the side of the mountain, and easily wide enough for two cars.

It is impossible to imagine what we will find ahead…”

 - Coco McCabe blogging from Haiti, January 19, 2010

Oxfam’s Coco McCabe is one of several Boston-based colleagues who traveled Haiti to help with the relief effort, joining 200 Oxfam staff already on the ground.

You can read about McCabe's daily experiences on our Oxfam America blog, including photos, interviews, and a firsthand look at the challenges people are facing in in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake.

Keep up with McCabe’s latest blogs here.


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