Five meaningful Oxfam Gifts that will melt any Scrooge’s heart

By Divya Amladi
Image: Oxfam

Holiday gifts for the hard to shop for that you can feel good about buying

If you’re like me, you’ve got at least one person on your holiday shopping list who is impossible to buy gifts for. For me, that person is my mom. I’ll be thinking I nailed it with the perfect gift, but the next time I see her, there’s that paper shredder or foot massager in the corner, collecting dust. 

This year, I’m considering an alternative to the soul-crushing lines at the mall. With Oxfam Gifts, our symbolic giving program, I can make my purchases in a matter of minutes during my lunch break or while I’m lounging around my apartment in pajamas with my hair undone.

Our online catalog includes more than 50 gifts, from goats to emergency toilets to support for women entrepreneurs. Pick the one that speaks to you, and we’ll send a memorable gift to your loved one—and your donation will support people fighting poverty.

Here are few ways you can make a difference:

 1. Fight Famine, $30

Right now, millions of people in Yemen are facing the threat of starvation. The numbers can feel overwhelming, but it is possible to make a difference. One small but important way you can contribute is to invest in community gardens to help families grow their own food—and their incomes.

 2. Feed a Family, $25

Between the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Indonesia, migration from Central America, and the continuing Rohingya crisis, 2018 felt like a year of heartbreaks. In each of these instances, Oxfam has been there to provide lifesaving aid and establish long-term solutions.

With our Feed a Family gift, you can help put food on the table when a crisis hits. This gift can provide food, or vouchers and cash to buy food locally. 

 3. Support a Refugee, $50

 The 2018 cap for refugee resettlement was the lowest it’s ever been. And in July, the Supreme Court voted to uphold the travel ban.

Don’t lose heart. Your gift can help support our lifesaving work and providing emergency essentials such as clean water, hygiene kits, winter clothes, food, and shelter.

4. Send Season's Goatings, $100

Who doesn’t love goats? They’re cute, hardy, and make great lawnmowers. What better way to celebrate the season than to give baaaaaack to someone you care about?

A pair of goats will support a family through tough times by producing milk and kids. 

 5. Give Someone a Happy New Year, $45 

Thank goodness, 2018 is finally winding down. Start the new year off right by helping someone have a better 2019. With your gift of a dozen chicks, you can help a family have a brighter future. These chicks will produce eggs, generate income, and improve nutrition

When you buy an Oxfam Gift, we’ll send your recipient an e-card with a photo of your symbolic gift and information about how it is making a difference. And don’t forget, since your gift is also a donation to Oxfam, you’ll get a tax deduction!

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