Deadly earthquake hits Mexico—Oxfam is there

By Oxfam
Wreckage from the earthquake that struck southern Mexico on Sept. 19. Photo: Anne Beentjes/Oxfam

Oxfam prepares response to Mexico earthquake

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck near Mexico City on September 19, killing hundreds of people, injuring more than a thousand, and leaving many trapped under rubble. Aftershocks continue to rock the capital and surrounding areas, and power outages have complicated rescue efforts. 

Federal government agencies are providing rescue and medical aid in the newly affected area, and are continuing to respond in communities damaged by the September 7 earthquake in Chiapas. 

Oxfam has been working with local partners to evaluate the impact of the latest earthquake, and is sending assessment teams to Morelos and Puebla, two of the hardest-hit areas. Our response is likely to focus on food, water and sanitation, and protection.

Oxfam’s Mexico office was damaged in the quake, but all staff are safe. 

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