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In 2020, fight for Dignity for All with Oxfam

OGB_112707_Zibusiso, 28 and his wife Sibongisiwe, 25 do the laundry together.jpg
Zibusiso, 28, and his wife Sibongisiwe, 25, do laundry outside their home with their daughter in Zimbabwe. Photo: Aurelie Marrier D'Unienville /Oxfam

This election, Oxfam is asking you to demand that all candidates—left, right or center—rise to this moment.

For almost 80 years, people like you have fueled Oxfam’s mission to end the injustice of poverty. From the highlands of Central America to the corn fields of Zimbabwe, this call to be human—Dignity for All—has been its heartbeat.

Now, as we approach an inflection point in 2020, we ask you to join us on the next chapter of this journey. To fight fair and care deeply. To rebuild, reshape, recreate. To come together with friends and loved ones, old and new—when so much is on the line.

Why Dignity for All? Because everyone deserves to be treated equally. We all deserve the same basic rights: a livable planet, food, shelter, education, healthcare. No matter where or how you live in this world, we all deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion.

We’ve believed that from the start. In 1942, Oxfam campaigned for food to be sent to hungry women and children in Greece during the Second World War. Over time, our humanitarianism grew alongside grassroots programs designed to achieve equitable, sustainable development through the power of people. Fighting for systemic change, we proclaimed: Dignity for All.

A group of Quaker intellectuals, social activists, and Oxford academics formed the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief in response to the plight of refugees in Greece. Photo: Oxfam

In the 1970s and 1980s, when US government policy in Central America and Southeast Asia supported political repression, armed conflict, and human rights violations of the rural poor, Oxfam sounded the alarm. Advocating with our supporters in the halls of Congress and at the White House for change, we proclaimed: Dignity for All.

Oxfam's Tools for Peace campaign collected tools from all over the US to ship to Nicaragua in defiance of President Ronald Reagan’s trade embargo. Photo: Oxfam America

At the turn of the century, we fought to end trade policies and practices that harmed developing nations. Building support for corporate accountability and a historic climate deal to deliver justice for farmers around the world, we proclaimed: Dignity for All.

Oxfam supporters called on Starbucks to acknowledge Ethiopia's right to license and distribute its coffees to give poor farmers a chance to earn a greater share of the profits. Photo: Liliana Rodriguez/Oxfam America

And in 2017, when the Trump administration launched a flagrant assault on immigrants, refugees, women, communities of color, and climate science, Oxfam took to the streets with our partners and allies. Committing to ensure that the US lives up to our ideals, we demanded: Dignity for All.

Oxfam joins protesters in Boston to speak out against President Trump’s first executive order suspending refugee admissions and restricting travel from six majority-Muslim countries into the US. Photo: Lauren Levine/Oxfam

Though geography, language, and culture may distinguish us, ultimately, we’re more alike than we are different. America’s gravest challenges—climate change, income inequality, inequality for women and girls, refugee crises—are the same challenges people face around the world. These problems, and the poverty they create, are only getting bigger, but they are challenges we can solve if we commit to seeing and reaching beyond our borders.

This election, Oxfam is asking you and all Americans to demand that all candidates—left, right or center—rise to this moment. Join us to challenge every candidate, regardless of party, to commit to specific plans that deliver Dignity for All.

From the climate crisis to gender equality, safety for refugees and decent work for everyone who wants it, help us make sure that the issues you care about do not go ignored. It’s time to strengthen our alliances and fight for dignity around the world.

Most critically join us to vote, and to do your part to make sure that others vote too. Together we can demand #DignityForAll.

Sign up with the Oxfam America Action Fund to learn more about how you get involved.

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