Last chance: mail mom a meaningful Oxfam Gift in time for Mother’s Day.

Last chance for mailed Mother's Day cards.


Recurring drought has left communities across Ethiopia struggling to survive.

We have reached 318,000 people (and 84 schools and hospitals), providing them with clean water. In the coming months we intend to help 700,000 people with clean and safe water, sanitation, and cash to help families buy food and keep their livestock alive.

We need to scale up those efforts, and we urgently need your support to help save lives.


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As drought grips Ethiopia, a mother waits to name her newborn

“We have never seen two years without rain in our lifetime,” says a man named Mohammed, who used to have 400 sheep and goats and now has only 15 left. “We are in a dangerous situation—even people. If the drought continues like this, people will die.” Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+