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Senior leadership

Oxfam America’s senior staff members bring a wide range of experience and deep knowledge of economic and political development, social movements and popular campaigns, and organizational growth and management to the agency. 

  1. Raymond C. Offenheiser

    President, Oxfam America

    "Oxfam distinguishes itself because we ask the right questions. We ask hard questions. Not just of the US government, corporations, and political leaders in the countries where we work—but of our partners around the globe and, most important, of ourselves. We also pursue answers vigorously and develop innovative approaches to reducing poverty."

    Meet Raymond C. Offenheiser
  2. Jim Daniell

    Chief Operating Officer

    "Oxfam appeals to both my heart and my head. Our passion for ending the injustice of poverty feeds my moral and spiritual core, while our use of sophisticated and nuanced approaches resonates deeply with my business-oriented brain."

    Meet Jim Daniell
  3. Paul O'Brien

    Vice President for Policy and Campaigns

    "I am at Oxfam because it works harder than any other organization I know to link the fight for global justice to local truths. We are a distinctive NGO because we do so much policy, advocacy, and campaigning. We are a different kind of 'idea leader' because we work so closely with communities around the world. On our best days, we bring it all together."

    Meet Paul O'Brien
  4. Darius Teter

    Vice President for Programs

    "I spent nearly two decades fighting the symptoms of poverty more than its root causes, and only in Oxfam have I found a community of people who understand the difference and act on it with passion, humor, and smarts."

    Meet Darius Teter
  5. Maura Policelli

    Chief of Staff

    "Oxfam's mission is rooted in the principles of liberation theology that are at the heart of my Jesuit education. Every day we work to empower those whose voices are not heard. Being part of these efforts is grounding and an honor."

    Meet Maura Policelli
  6. Mark F. Kripp

    Chief Financial Officer

    "Having lived and worked in rural Haiti, I have seen how the provision of basic rights can transform people’s lives.”

    Meet Mark F. Kripp
  7. Rachel Hayes

    Senior Director of Communications & Community Engagement

    "My parents stood up to a government run amok, when my father refused to sign a loyalty oath in 1954. Helping others claim their rights is a personal mission for me. Where better to serve that mission than at Oxfam?"

    Meet Rachel Hayes
  8. Muthoni Muriu

    Senior Director of Regional Programs

    "From an early age, I believed in the value of service. Oxfam’s very ethos, of working on sustainable and systemic solutions to social justice issues, fit with what is a natural inclination for me. I need to know I am making a difference, and serving others. Oxfam provides me with one of the best and most influential platforms to do this."

    Meet Muthoni Muriu
  9. Vinod Parmeshwar

    Director, Global Human Resources

    "My grandfather challenged prevailing social practices by providing free education to people disadvantaged by caste and financial poverty. It always reminds me of the personal responsibility and opportunity each one of us has to push back against systemic social and institutional barriers that keep people from leading fuller lives."

    Meet Vinod Parmeshwar
  10. Ashley Tsongas

    Deputy to the Vice President of Programs

    "Oxfam believes that poverty is usually, at its root, about imbalances of power, that change is possible, and that solutions require good ideas, courage and persistence. It works. There is no better feeling than getting momentum going behind brave people with good ideas and seeing change unfold.”

    Meet Ashley Tsongas
  11. Barbara Durr

    Deputy to the Vice President of Policy and Campaigns

    "Since my first picket line at 15 years of age, I have always wanted to make the world a better place. Oxfam’s focus on poverty, rights and injustice makes it my choice to fight for that better world."

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