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You have the power to make a difference. Your support can save lives today and help families build a future free from poverty.

Your support today can save lives.

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Save a life: Millions face starvation. Now, more than ever, your support matters.

Save a life: Now, more than ever, your support matters.

Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria

Since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, millions are struggling to survive without power, potable water, and reliable supplies of food, fuel, and medicine.

Help save lives

Oxfam plans to support local efforts to meet Puerto Ricans' most urgent needs in this disaster, and to speak up as advocates in Washington for more and better resources for rebuilding, while addressing the island’s vulnerability to climate change.

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How we're responding

Updated November 14, 2017

More than six weeks after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, the island is still experiencing an acute crisis. Massive damage to homes and widespread lack of clean drinking water, electricity, cell networks, and other essentials have put the entire population at risk. Six weeks into this emergency, there have not been significant strides in normalizing life for the population. For example, lack of a reliable source of electricity continues to prevent most businesses from re-opening, and families without incomes are suffering. 

In San Juan, where we are supporting the work of the office of the mayor, Oxfam is funding distribution of butane stoves to enable low-income households to boil their drinking water, and we are helping provide essental goods to nursing homes. 

In 17 hard-hit municipalities around the island, we are supporting the work of the Foundation for Puerto Rico to help low-income elderly people meet urgent needs for food, diapers, batteries, and more. And we are supporting the work of the Foundation to Access for Justice to help thousands of families who have suffered losses file applications with FEMA and replace legal documents destroyed in the storm—a process that is nearly impossible for those without access to telephones or internet.

Our team is preparing for a further response that will include improving access to clean, safe drinking water in rural communities whose water systems have been damaged. Meanwhile, Oxfam is advocating on Capitol Hill for more funding for Puerto Rico emergency response, for speeding up the aid effort, and for making sure Puerto Rican leaders are treated as equal partners in the relief and reconstruction process.

Join us in urging our leaders to fund the emergency response, remove the obstacles, and get help to our fellow Americans.

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