Protect civilian lives in Israel and Gaza

Thousands of people across Israel and Gaza have been killed, injured, and displaced. The humanitarian emergency in Gaza is worsening by the day with water, food, fuel, and medical supplies running out. The U.S. government is in a unique position to push for the protection of civilians and an end to the fighting that results in real, sustainable security for Palestinians and Israelis.

Sign the petition calling for our elected leaders to protect civilians’ lives and pursue solutions that immediately de-escalate the current crisis.

Gaza City destruction

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Tell leaders: Protect Civilians' Lives and De-escalate the Crisis

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Thank you for signing the petition to urge President Biden and members of Congress to protect civilians’ lives and work to de-escalate the crisis in Gaza and Israel.

Oxfam is a global organization that addresses urgent humanitarian needs when disasters strike and advocates for long-term solutions to poverty and injustice. Oxfam has been working in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel since the 1950s. With local partners, Oxfam is fighting inequality and injustice by responding to both the immediate and long-term needs of people in Gaza. Oxfam teams are preparing for a humanitarian response and will begin delivering critical assistance to families once it is safe to do so. You can help by making a donation today.

As we monitor the conditions in Gaza, and prepare for a larger humanitarian response in the region, we continue our life-saving work supporting people in crisis and building long-term solutions to inequality around the world. Places such as South Sudan, where thousands of refugees are fleeing the conflict in the north. In Ethiopia, where drought is affecting as many as 8 million people. And in Senegal, where climate change and commercial development are wreaking havoc on local communities.

We're fighting inequality to end poverty and injustice by advocating for economic justice, gender equality, and climate action. Find out how you can take action today and join us in our fight for a more equal future.

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Message to President Biden and Members of Congress:

I refuse to stand by and watch Palestinian and Israeli civilians pay the price for political failure. Humanity must be shown to those caught up in this violence and humanitarian catastrophe.

I am calling my elected leaders to use your power to seek a ceasefire and:

  • Free all hostages being held captive by Hamas;
  • Facilitate the delivery of lifesaving assistance, including food, medical supplies, fuel, and the resumption of electricity and internet to Gaza, in addition to safe passage of humanitarian and medical staff;
  • Rescind orders by the Government of Israel for civilians to depart northern Gaza;
  • Allow patients in critical condition to be medically evacuated for urgent care.

A path to peace and justice for all, that includes a fair future for both Palestinian and Israeli people, is the only way forward.

President Biden and Congress must help immediately de-escalate this dangerous situation; failing to do so will unwittingly place a U.S. seal of approval on the suffering that is sure to only deepen. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+