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COVID-19 Conversation Series: The Power of People Against Hunger

In our deeply unequal world, millions of people live in and die from hunger each year. This crisis is not about a lack of food – it is a symptom of a broken system. The coronavirus pandemic adds fuel to this fire, threatening to push millions more into starvation and death by the end of the year. In these unprecedented times, it is crucial that we act now to build back better food systems for the future. In this 1-hour session you'll learn firsthand how your support makes a difference in transforming the response to global hunger.

Featuring Oxfam Food Systems Director Laté Lawson-Lartego.

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Best States to Work During COVID-19

COVID-19 CONVERSATION SERIES: Best States to Work During COVID-19

When the coronavirus pandemic shattered the US economy, the federal response was slow and halting. As workers around the country pushed for greater protections, some states shored up safety nets to catch families at the risk of falling, while others failed to respond at all.

We invite you to meet with our staff for a conversation about Oxfam's research on the different ways each state is providing assistance to its residents, and our partner programs that are supporting communities in the US through the pandemic.

Featuring staff from Oxfam's US Domestic Policy Team, Sr. Research Advisor Kaitlyn Henderson and Sr. Advocacy Advisor Alexandre Galimberti.

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Local Leadership and Decolonizing Recovery

COVID-19 CONVERSATION SERIES: Local Leadership and Decolonizing Recovery

Tune in to a special, one-hour session of our COVID-19 Conversation Series about Local Humanitarian Leadership and building back better for the future. As we at Oxfam acknowledge and reflect on the racist and colonialist roots of humanitarian response, we’ll highlight our vision of a globally equitable recovery from COVID-19–one that centers the needs, skills, and capacities of our partners. Join us to learn about the impact we’re making together through a different model of humanitarian aid.

Featuring Oxfam staff Janice Ian C. Manlutac, Local Humanitarian Leadership Advisor and Fatema Sumar, Vice President of Global Programs.

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Those living in camps for refugees and displaced people, as well as people held detention centers, are at particularly high risk in the COVID-19 pandemic. In honor of World Refugee Day, join us for this 30-minute session to hear about the factors that put these people a greater risk of getting sick. We discuss the impact of Oxfam’s work slowing the spread of the coronavirus in Cox’s Bazar, where about 855,000 Rohingya refugees live, and our ongoing campaigns pressuring Congress to protect the rights of undocumented and asylum-seeking families at the US-Mexico border during the pandemic.

Featuring: Oxfam staff Isra Chaker, migration and protection campaign lead, and Dipankar Datta, Bangladesh country director

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Farm-to-Table: Securing Food Chains During a Pandemic


With COVID-19 disrupting production and access to food around the world, experts are sounding the alarm about another looming catastrophe—a hunger crisis. Join us to discuss how the pandemic disrupts the global food supply chain, existing challenges to food access that have been exposed by today's crisis, and what Oxfam and partners are doing to protect food supply chain workers, including advocating for the safety of meat workers in the US.

Featuring: Oxfam staff Lilian Nkengla, senior agriculture and markets advisor, and Oliver Gottfried, senior campaigns advisor

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A Gender Just Response


In this fourth episode of Oxfam’s COVID-19 Conversation Series, we examine the coronavirus's impact on women and girls, both domestically and internationally. You’ll learn how this pandemic has exposed and further intensified existing gender inequalities and system limitations and provide an update on Oxfam’s gender-just response to this crisis.

Featuring: Oxfam staff Joi Owens, senior policy officer in Mississippi and Dr. Husnia Alkadri, gender program coordinator in Yemen

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Climate Justice in a Public Health Crisis

COVID-19 CONVERSATION SERIES: Climate Justice in a Public Health Crisis

Join us for a dialogue regarding how the coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating climate injustice. With a spotlight on Puerto Rico, we’ll discuss the wider body of climate-related work, including what COVID-19 reveals about the climate crisis, how increased risk factors from climate change create obstacles to protecting vulnerable people, and how Oxfam is adapting its work to support those most in need.

Featuring: Oxfam staff Lauren Stuart, associate policy advisor and María Concepción, program manager in Puerto Rico

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