In reaction to the coronavirus pandemic reaching 1 million confirmed cases, Oxfam America President & CEO Abby Maxman, said today:

By Oxfam

“This is a grim milestone that calls for us to reflect on all those who have already been affected, and to recommit to tackling this pandemic together with determination and compassion. One million cases are just the beginning of this daunting challenge, and there is still an opportunity to stop this virus from devastating the most vulnerable among us. None of us are safe unless all of us are safe – and we must act now for them, and for our entire global community.

“Oxfam is already gearing up its entire humanitarian aid delivery system to help the most marginalized and people living in poverty as they face the rising tide of infections ahead. Despite access restrictions, we are working around the clock with our local partners in more than 60 countries to deliver much needed humanitarian assistance, to try to curb the spread of the virus. For nearly three billion people living in poverty and without enough clean water, jobs and access to basic health care; and for millions already facing years of malnutrition, disease and conflict, the coronavirus will be a lethal killer. Oxfam is using our decades of expertise in water, sanitation, public health promotion and more to work with communities to prepare and mitigate this threat as much as possible.

“The international community must act urgently and fully fund the UN’s humanitarian appeal to enable the delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance and provide an additional $160 bn through aid and immediate debt cancellation to help poor countries double their spending on public health. We also urge full support for the UN Secretary General’s call for a global ceasefire to enable humanitarian work to reach the most dangerous places.”

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