Oxfam Urges Senate to Pass Sen. Sanders Resolution Requiring a Report on Israel’s Human Rights Practices


Today, the Senate is set to vote on S.Res.504, a resolution introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders requiring a report on Israel’s human rights practices. In support of the resolution, Oxfam America President and CEO, Abby Maxman, issued the following statement:

“Oxfam urges the Senate to pass Senator Sanders’ resolution calling for a report on Israel’s human rights practices. US support for Israel has continued without any consideration of its contribution to the devastating siege and bombardment of Gaza. It is past time that the United States government understand that and take account of its own role in the crisis and to investigate whether US funds and military support are being used by Israeli forces to commit human rights abuses. More than 23,000 Palestinians are dead, nearly 2 million are displaced, and 90% of the population are facing catastrophic levels of hunger. Deaths due to preventable disease are rising, as Israel’s siege of Gaza has left many without access to sanitation, medicine, food, or fuel.

“Oxfam continues to call for a complete ceasefire, the safe return of all hostages, and for more aid to reach Palestinians in desperate need. We don’t have time to waste.”

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