Oxfam reaction to Title 42 expansion


In response to the Biden administration’s expansion of Title 42 today, Patricia Stottlemyer, Senior Domestic Policy Advisor, made the following statement:

“Rather than move to fully restore access to asylum for people fleeing persecution, it's unconscionable that the Biden administration moved to expand Title 42, increase the use of expedited removal, and implement a transit ban. 

“This is not only morally wrong, it is also dangerously out of step out with our legal obligations. Worse yet, these policies will force more asylum seekers into harms’ way and will cost lives.

“Seeking asylum is a legal and human right—one that must not depend on which country you come from, whether you have a sponsor in the United States, or your manner of entry. Oxfam America stands with asylum seekers and all those seeking safety from harm."

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