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Oxfam reaction to NSM-20 report


In response to the Biden administration report to Congress finding Israel’s assurances are credible that they are abiding by international humanitarian law and not blocking aid, Abby Maxman, Oxfam America’s President and CEO Abby Maxman said:

“Despite what the Biden administration claims in today’s report to Congress, it is clear that Israel is violating international law and obstructing aid into Gaza. In turning a blind eye, the administration is allowing Israel to continue to do so without consequence. Israel’s routine violations have pushed half of Gaza’s population to the brink of famine. 

“The Biden administration published NSM-20 to hold itself and the recipients of its military aid accountable to the requirements of US law, but instead it is demonstrating those laws only apply when politically convenient. 

“The report is a slap in the face to the Palestinian and international human rights and humanitarian organizations that provided firsthand accounts and evidence – backed by experts within the administration – on the assumption that their input would be evaluated in good faith. Most of all, it is a devastating blow to Palestinians in Gaza who have been killed, driven from their homes and pushed into starvation by Israel’s systemic abuses. They now suffer the indignity of this confirmation of the US government’s policy of willful blindness. 

“In a joint report with Human Rights Watch, Oxfam documented substantial violations of international humanitarian law and direct impediments to the delivery of humanitarian aid, including the destruction of Oxfam-supported water infrastructure and repeated delays and denials of basic humanitarian supplies. These impediments remain in place today and there is no sign of improvement going forward.

“President Biden’s suspension of bombs and artillery shells to stop a Rafah invasion is an important step, but not a substitute for following the law and holding Israel accountable to the basic conditions that apply to all US security assistance recipients. With today's report, the US will be complicit in even more death and suffering in Gaza.”

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