Oxfam statement on opening of oral arguments in Muslim Ban Supreme Court case

By Oxfam

Ahead of the Supreme Court oral arguments on the Muslim Ban, Oxfam America Humanitarian Policy Lead Noah Gottschalk made the following statement:

“Today’s Supreme Court case is a moment of reckoning as to whether the US will remain an inclusive, welcoming place for people of all faiths and origins, or whether the US will choose to slam its door on the basis of religion. 

Oxfam has long opposed President Trump's anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric and policies. While the legal form of the various bans may have evolved over time, the discriminatory, anti-Muslim and anti-refugee sentiment behind them is clear.

The effect of these policies has been chilling: admissions of Muslim refugees have fallen to historic lows during the Trump administration and overall refugee admissions are at the lowest level since the program began in 1975. The number of Muslim refugees welcomed to the US has decreased over 90 percent between this fiscal year and the same period last year – just 1,891 Muslim refugees have been admitted since October 1, 2017, compared with 19,218 in the same period the year prior. Thousands of people in need of safe haven in the US have been needlessly turned away because of this administration’s cruel and heartless policies.

We are shocked and appalled by the administration’s attempts to undermine the refugee resettlement program and its continued attempts to block entry of those from Muslim-majority nations.

The US has a long and proud history of welcoming people of all faiths and backgrounds, especially those facing persecution. Discriminating on the basis of religion is un-American, and we hope the Supreme Court upholds this core value.”

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