Oxfam reaction to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure


In reaction to today’s Russian attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure in Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, and Vinnytsia regions, which have left thousands of people without electricity or water, and caused disruptions to transport and communications, Sarah Redd, Oxfam’s Advocacy Campaigns and Engagement Manager for the Ukraine Response, said:

“Oxfam strongly condemns these attacks. Targeting civilian infrastructure is against international humanitarian law and is another example of how innocent civilians are paying the price for this brutal war. 

“Oxfam’s staff in Kharkiv, Yevheniia Ivanova, told us that partner Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv has already begun deploying generators and satellite internet at community hubs to ensure people have enough heating, water, and electricity.

“Our teams are already working under extremely difficult circumstances; and constant attacks on civilian infrastructure hamper aid agencies' ability to reach impacted people with lifesaving aid.

“Oxfam urges all warring parties to respect international humanitarian law, including the rules protecting civilians and civilian infrastructure. ”


Notes to the editors 

  •  Oxfam is responding to by working with local civil society organizations who are already supporting communities impacted by the war. In both Ukraine and in neighboring countries we have supported 40 organizations and reached over 2 million people since the war escalated in February 2022.

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