Oxfam Reaction to Passage of Cruel and Reckless Tax Bill


In reaction to the expected passage of the tax bill, Oxfam America’s policy director, Gawain Kripke, made the following statement:

“The tax bill passed today is a reckless and immoral looting of the US treasury by the 1%.

“President Trump campaigned against a rigged system but this bill entrenches it further. Congress is bending over backwards to hand trillions of dollars in benefits to the wealthy and powerful while ignoring the needs of the poorest among us.

“It will take a while to comprehend all of the special gifts the bill gives to clients of the more than ten thousand lobbyists who lobbied on this bill. But one thing is clear: it will significantly increase poverty and inequality here in the US and around the world.

“Make no mistake, the negative impacts will not be contained by our borders. This bill will further encourage offshoring of jobs and the tricks, schemes, and tax havens used by corporations that already sap an estimated $100 billion from poor countries – revenue that should go towards building schools, bridges and hospitals. In fact, this bill makes it all worse.” 

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