Today only: All Oxfam Gifts matched in recognition of International Migrants Day.

International Migrants Day: all Oxfam Gifts matched

Logos for print and digital use

Oxfam America is happy to provide electronic files of our logos for reproduction in both print and digital formats. Please pay careful attention to the usage requirements and file formats.


There are two orientations of the Oxfam America logo. The v orientation is the prefered version. When space requires, you may use the h version instead.


The Oxfam logo may appear in Oxfam green, black, or white "knock out" against a dark background (such as black or Oxfam green).

File format

For professional printing, download the print, vector EPS file. For web, other on-screen, and Microsoft Office applications, download the web/screen, PNG file.

Please do not attempt to link directly to these files from your own website.

v, green

Vertical, green

v, black

Vertical, black

v, white

Vertical, white

h, green

Horizontal, green

h, black

Horizontal, black

h, white

Horizontal, white

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