Oxfam reaction to Obama announcement on Copenhagen travel


OXFORD, UK — International development organization Oxfam applauded today’s announcement that President Obama will attend the United Nations conference on climate change in Copenhagen at the same time as other world leaders.

Oxfam spokesperson Antonio Hill made the following statement in reaction:

“Having decided to join dozens of other world leaders in the right place, at the right time, President Obama is now reinvigorating the US approach to the climate talks at this defining moment in history.

“All the ingredients are in place. An unprecedented number of heads of state are gathering to tackle an unprecedented challenge. It is up to them to work together to deliver the right deal.

“By recognizing that the US and other rich countries should pay their fair share of the money needed for poor countries to tackle a changing climate in the long and short term, President Obama has injected some much needed political momentum in the negotiations. More than 200 billion dollars a year are needed to help poor countries adapt to climate change and reduce their own emissions.”

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