Oxfam reaction to Biden Administration's newly announced National Security Memorandum


The Biden admin has announced a new National Security Memorandum, which creates a policy process to ensure US arms and other security cooperation aren’t complicit in violations of US and international law. In response, Oxfam America's President and CEO Abby Maxman said,

"The Biden Administration's National Security Memorandum puts all US security partners on notice: the US will no longer turn a blind eye to violations of its own law and international law in Gaza or anywhere around the world. This policy is an important step toward ending US complicity in a grave humanitarian crisis, and hopefully a move toward re-centering human rights in foreign policy.

"The Government of Israel is committing war crimes. The US knows enough already to cut off sales today.  The Biden administration must follow the requirements of US and international law and stop the flow of lethal weapons to Israel. Now Israel has 45 days to dramatically change the way it uses US arms and to end its policies of preventing aid and other vital goods from reaching Palestinians in Gaza. This deadline is an important step but feels too distant - Even one day of continued bombardment is too many. 

"Pushing Israel and Palestinian armed groups toward compliance with international humanitarian law will save lives. Beyond that, in order to prevent famine and restore a path toward dignity for all Israelis and Palestinians, we need a permanent ceasefire, the release of hostages, a restoration of aid and services, and measures to bring real accountability and justice to those who have violated the law with impunity to this point."

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