Oxfam Launches Global Ambassadors Program


LOS ANGELES — Scarlett Johansson has become the latest celebrity to join Oxfam's Global Ambassador program, officially launched today. Johansson joined following a trip to India and Sri Lanka with Oxfam where she visited a school for girls, and survivors of the tsunami. She joins an influential group of international artists and public figures including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Djimon Hounsou, Colin Firth, Kristin Davis, Gael Garcia Bernal, Annie Lennox and Dame Helen Mirren, who support the international humanitarian and development agency.

"I want to be a part of the great work that Oxfam is doing, and am glad that by being an Ambassador I can continue to be involved with the organization," said Johansson. "Once you've met amazing people like the Dalit girls I met on my trip you just can't turn your back. I was shocked by a lot of what I saw, but seeing the fantastic work Oxfam was doing I also felt that there was hope."

Actor Djimon Hounsou, said: "As an African, born and raised in Benin, where cotton is the main source of income for farmers, it is important for me to join forces with Oxfam, an organization that works to fight against the unfair trade laws that keep farmers poor and unable to provide for their families. Subsidies in developed countries are killing the chances of hardworking farmers in Africa of earning a decent wage. It is an honor to be able to represent Africa and Oxfam when I'm meeting with the powerful politicians that create these laws."

Actor, Gael Garcia Bernal said: "I am a firm supporter of Oxfam's campaign because I believe that only through a concerted effort will we be able to make a difference. We have to help small-scale farmers to have a voice and then—together with millions of others—exert huge pressure on decision makers to change the trade rules. This is the only way to fight poverty."

Oxfam has benefited for many years from the support of numerous celebrities around the world, whose dedication and commitment continue to make a huge contribution to its work. The new Global Ambassador program will formalize relationships with some of the international development agency's most well-known supporters and enable them to go further in their work to help the agency meet its goals of overcoming poverty, hunger and injustice.

"Our Ambassadors are listened to across the world, and their support helps to give a voice to people who would not otherwise be heard. Through their work, Oxfam's campaigning messages can reach a much wider audience and have huge impact on decision makers. We are delighted to have so many credible and passionate Ambassadors from across the globe." said Claire Lewis, Oxfam's International Artist Liaison Manager.

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