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Oxfam condemns use of tear gas to deter asylum-seekers at US-Mexico border

By Oxfam

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In response to the use of tear gas thrown at asylum-seekers in Tijuana, Mexico, Vicki Gass, Oxfam America Senior Policy Advisor for Central America, made the following statement:

“Tear gas is a shameful response to human beings seeking protection and a better future. Images of barefoot children choking on tear gas thrown by US Customs and Border Patrol should shock us to our core. These are not America’s values.

The people at the border are exercising their legal right to seek asylum, as they are entitled to under US and international law. Rather than prioritizing a militarized response to women, children, and men seeking refuge, the Trump Administration should focus on providing resources for an orderly asylum process. 

Women, children, and men fleeing violence and persecution from Central America should be met with compassion and civility, not weapons and hostility."

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