Oxfam America Unwrapped Bead-Dazzles this Spring with Handicrafts and Green Gifts for Mom and Dad

By Oxfam

BOSTON — Following its tremendous launch success last holiday season, Oxfam America today announced two new springtime additions to its online alternative gift catalog, Oxfam America Unwrapped. Now available in time for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and the spring and summer 'wedding season,' Oxfam America has added new products to its catalog designed to help rural farmers and HIV/AIDS infected women.

"Alternative gifts are in this Spring," said Stephanie Kurzina, vice president of fundraising for Oxfam America. "We've added wonderful items like fair trade honey and beaded jewelry—which are part of Oxfam's work. Whether you're looking for something different for Mom, Dad, the grad—or, for the couple who has it all, and would prefer that their wedding guests give a gift to help people in need."

Oxfam America Unwrapped, an online gift catalog, launched last fall with more than three dozen symbolic gifts —the proceeds of which support Oxfam's programs in 26 countries. Popular gifts from the Web site include a sheep, water jugs and the offer to "Plant 50 Trees." All gift contributions are general donations to Oxfam America and are fully tax deductible. Other great gift ideas:

  • An emergency toilet ($50) — this offbeat gift is essential to Oxfam America’s work to help prevent the spread of deadly disease in crisis situations around the world.
  • A camel ($175) — notoriously grumpy, camels are actually hard-working animals that save lives. Because they can endure extreme weather conditions, produce valuable resources, and can move families when they have to flee a disaster-stricken area, camels are essential for many communities and cultures.
  • A garden ($150) — for the green thumb, this gift helps families in rural communities plant fruits and vegetables they can sell in local markets.

Visit www.oxfamamericaunwrapped.com to view all of the items available in the catalog.

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