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In response to the passing of the Yemen War Powers resolution in the Senate, Oxfam’s Humanitarian Policy Lead Scott Paul, said:

By Oxfam

“Oxfam welcomes the Senate’s vote today to push back against the Trump administration’s unconditional and indefinite support for the Saudi and UAE-led military campaign in Yemen.

"This vote sends another strong message that US leaders are willing to take a stand for peace and political agreements that will save millions of lives in Yemen. We heard strong statements today in solidarity with the people of Yemen and calling out those who are disregarding their lives and futures in this human-made conflict. We hope the Trump administration listens and finally ends its role in Yemen’s devastating humanitarian crisis.

"Right now, Yemeni families face deadly airstrikes and ground fighting, and lose their strength to cope with every day that goes by. Oxfam’s and the greater aid response can only do so much while conflict continues, and we see this vote today as another signal to the parties to the conflict and the people of Yemen that the US won’t stand by and watch Yemen fall deeper into hunger, disease, financial collapse and despair. Only peace through political agreements, bolstered by Congressional and other pressure, can bring relief to the millions of Yemenis on the brink of famine.”

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