Musician Annie Hart premieres video on climate change


Annie Hart created an emotional and thought-provoking video for her song, "Longing to Care Less," and we’re proud to premiere it here.

At Oxfam we often talk about how the arts can be used to change hearts and minds, especially around the issues we’re concerned about. We’ve got a long history of working with music artists to raise the profile of our work (both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were early supporters of Oxfam’s music outreach!), and on occasion we’re lucky enough to work with music artists who create something very specific to our work.

Our friend Annie Hart, who aside from her film composition work you may know as one-third of NYC’s indie-synth pioneers Au Revoir Simone, has written a song about her deep concern about the effects of changing climate, “Longing To Care Less,” on her new album, A Softer Offering.

“To me, it all seems so obvious that everyone should care deeply about how much carbon we are consuming. But we just output more and more every year, knowing full well the destruction it will cause,” Annie says. “In order to stop, we really need a huge shift in our culture and values, especially in wealthy countries. We need people to make the government make change. We need to realize excess consumption doesn't make us happy, and we aren't entitled to recklessly use the resources of the future,” Annie explains.

As a way to amplify her message that urgent action on climate is needed now, and that we all have a part to play in making change happen, Annie’s created an emotional and thought-provoking video for the song, and we’re proud to premiere it here:

"Longing to Care Less"

Annie adds, “I don't know how to make a huge shift in society, but I felt like making a video to add to the fabric of the conversation is one tiny way to get people's attention off whatever people are doing on YouTube and onto actually helping the environment. I am trying to inspire people who care to make that next step and contact their elected officials and consume less. I want to stop staying up at night worrying about people just letting the status quo go on. It can't.”

In the spirit of the video and Annie’s call to action, why not sign our petition asking all presidential candidates to present a bold plan of action now to combat the effects of climate change? Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+