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Oxfam stands with faith leaders from all 50 states who demand an end to US support for the war in Yemen

By Oxfam
Oxfam spoke with Jameela and her children, pictured here. They have struggled to afford enough food to eat - the conflict has pushed the price of food out of reach for many. Gabreez/Oxfam

Oxfam stands with faith leaders from all 50 states who have joined together to call on Congress to end to US support for the war in Yemen that continues to fuel the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Today these leaders have sent a joint letter to members of Congress demanding action.

The letter opens: “As Americans of faith, we call upon Congress to end all U.S. arms sales and military support to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for the war in Yemen, which has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and put millions more at risk of famine, in what has become the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

These faith leaders are joining an ever-growing coalition of organizations and individuals across the country – and around the world – who refuse to accept the continued role the US and the international community are playing in the conflict. It is further proof that even in these troubled times, the US people will not stand by while millions of innocent people are caught in bloody, senseless wars. This group voicing their concern today is leading with their joint sense of humanity and faith. The letter continues:

“Our faith compels us to protect the most vulnerable, and to seek a peaceful end to deadly conflict. Now is the time when the United States could help halt the unimaginable horrors the Yemeni people have suffered for more than four years.”

Oxfam and our partners at Bread for the World and Avaaz wanted to make sure that US leaders who can help make this change happen saw this urgent message of solidarity, with a prominent ad on the copies of the Washington Post delivered on Capitol Hill.

Oxfam and others have continued to call on the US and the international community to push for peace, and end arms sales and other support that help perpetuate the war. In the US, we are pushing for amendments to be included in the National Defense Authorization Act that will limit this support. We also continue to call on all parties to the conflict to commit to reaching peace, allow full humanitarian access, and engage in peace talks that include women and youth.

Oxfam and our local partner organizations are providing clean water and hygiene items to help Yemeni families avoid cholera, cash to help them buy food in local markets, and support for earning a living through agriculture and small businesses.

How to help: You can learn more, donate and take action to help end the war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+