Five Oxfam Gifts that will work for anyone on your shopping list

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Holiday gifts you can feel good about buying.

With COVID-19 cases climbing, holiday shopping looks different this year. Many of us are opting to skip the crowds in stores and go virtual instead. If the thought of finding the perfect gift online is stressing you out, consider making a gift guaranteed to bring a smile to any recipient—a gift that helps people fight the injustice of poverty.

What could be more special than a gift that can help save lives? That’s where Oxfam Gifts comes in. Our symbolic giving program includes an online catalog of more than 50 gifts that can help someone in need, from goats to emergency toilets to bars of soap that can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

If you’re unable to exchange gifts in person or are looking for ways to cut down on environmental waste, an Oxfam Gift is a great solution. Simply select the gift that reflects your budget or area of interest, and we’ll give you the option to send your recipient a memorable e-card or print-at-home card that shows the impact of the gift. It’s quick and easy, and you can be sure this is one gift that will be put to good use.

Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

Stop the spread of disease with 100 bars of soap, $20

Oxfam aid worker Julia demonstrates good hygiene practice at a home in Beira, Mozambique, three months after Cyclone Idai. Photo: Peter Caton/DEC for Oxfam

Soap and water are the best defenses we have against COVID-19. It may seem like a simple tool to fight a deadly disease, but for many people—especially the millions living in refugee camps—a bar of soap can be hard to come by. Just $20 buys 100 bars of soap, so instead of buying a set of bath bombs, purchase lifesaving soap instead.

Give them something to buzz about, $40

Addise, a young woman in Ethiopia, was pulled out of school to get married when she was 15. Since joining Oxfam's beekeeping project, she has regained a feeling of agency over her life. Photo: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam

The sweetest gifts don’t always come in packages. You can support a family in need with a modern beehive, plus training on how to process and sell their honey in local markets. More honey means more money to pay for food, school fees, and other essentials—a sweet deal for everyone.

The ultimate gift that won't go to waste—an emergency toilet, $50

Abul uses the newly constructed Oxfam latrine near his home in Balukhali Camp, Bangladesh. Photo: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam

In a humanitarian crisis like the current pandemic, toilets are essential. Yet more than 4.5 billion people don’t have access to a proper toilet. Emergency toilets can save lives by creating more sanitary environments for people living in camps after disaster strikes. Don't flush this opportunity to change lives.

Send season's goatings, $100

After Cyclone Fani struck Bangladesh in May 2019, Oxfam partner Jago Nari provided families with a water jug, soap, a water pitcher, 10 packets of oral rehydration salts, and cash to spend on whatever they chose. The family of Samiya (shown here) bought a goat. Photo: Elizabeth Stevens/Oxfam America

Who doesn’t love goats? They’re cute, hardy, and make great lawnmowers. What better way to celebrate the season than to give baaaaaack to someone you care about?

A pair of goats will support a family through tough times. In many communities, animals such as goats play a vital role in a family’s financial stability. Milk and offspring can be sold at the market; they can help with labor; and milk and meat can keep families fed.

Give someone a happy new year, $45

Chhin Saren, a farmer in Pit Rang village, Cambodia, shows off her chicks. Photo: Savann Oeurm

2020 has been one of the toughest years in memory. Start the new year off right by helping someone have a better future. With your gift of a dozen chicks, you’ll not only help a family improve their nutrition, but you’ll also help them generate income.

When you buy an Oxfam Gift, we’ll send your recipient an e-card with a photo of your symbolic gift and information about how it is making a difference. And don’t forget, since your gift is also a donation to Oxfam, you’ll get a tax deduction!

Browse more than 50 poverty-fighting gifts in the Oxfam Gifts catalog.

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