Election 2020 results: Count. Every. Vote.

By Oxfam
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Counting every vote will take some time, but make no mistake—every vote must be counted, and every vote must count. Graphic: Oxfam America

Your vote is your voice. Demand that all votes are counted and no one is excluded from the democratic process.

It’s the morning after—and together we face an uncertain outcome in one of the most consequential US elections ever.

More than 100 million people voted early via mail-in ballots or in-person—a presidential election record. Counting every vote will take some time, but make no mistake—every vote must be counted, and every vote must count.

Your vote matters

Here’s why: Every person with their vote can make change happen. With that vote, we hold all elected officials and candidates accountable—not to mention ourselves. And everyone’s vote matters because we believe everyone has a contribution to make. These are core values that inspire Oxfam’s work with people like you in the US and around the globe: empowerment, accountability, and inclusiveness.

And here’s the truth: Americans across the country waited in extremely long lines and risked their health to vote during a global pandemic. They participated in the democratic process, and their votes matter.

Our democracy is strongest when every American—of every race, religion, gender identity, economic status, and sexual orientation—can make their voice heard. What we all do in this moment will matter for decades to come. Democracy done right should not be rushed. We need to be calm, patient, and #CountEveryVote because #EveryVoteCounts.

Our job is not done yet. By joining a #CountEveryVote rally or virtual event you are raising your voice to demand that the rules of our democracy are followed. We must stay united.

Stand with Oxfam to defend our democracy.

Retweet our #CountEveryVote message and make your voice heard

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