Women in Small Enterprise Quarterly Report: October - December 2014

Oxfam’s Women in Small Enterprise (WISE) initiative starts with a systemic understanding of these barriers and attracts partners with expertise in the areas of financial services, women’s rights, advocacy, and entrepreneurship to develop a multi-disciplinary collaboration to support women in overcoming these challenges.

Countless women around the world are building successful small businesses. But the odds against women entrepreneurs in many developing countries can be staggering. WISE follows Oxfam’s belief in people’s power to change their lives. Through WISE, Oxfam serves in its convening role to support this collaboration that brings together the private sector, nonprofit organizations, and academia. In this case, the focus is to advance women’s economic rights in Guatemala. WISE is designed for women emerging from microfinance-lending programs with businesses that show potential for further growth. This report presents the key accomplishments of WISE from October to December 2014.



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